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This Web site is designed to facilitate the two processes included in core curriculum course recertification and assessment. The process includes 4 steps that will allow the user to apply for recertification and submit student artifacts for assessment of core objectives. A checklist for submission is included at the bottom of this page.

The forms used for recertification can be accessed through links shown in steps 1 and 2; submission of these forms is made to the Core Curriculum Council (step 3). The individual submitting the materials will be notified of the date the course will be considered for recertification by the Core Curriculum Council (CCC). A representative should attend the CCC meeting to respond to questions or provide clarification while the course is under consideration. The Council will provide feedback and allow resubmission when necessary.

Student work (artifacts) must be submitted for a course to be considered for recertification. Instructions for submitting artifacts is included in step 4.


In the fall of 2014, Texas A&M University adopted a new core curriculum in response to the Texas Higher Education Coordinator Board's changes in core curriculum size and structure Texas Administrative Code 4.28.

As required by the state, the core curriculum of Texas A&M University consists of 42 hours in 8 Foundational Component Areas, which are mapped to individual core objectives, and includes:

  • Communication, 6 hours
  • Mathematics, 6 hours
  • Life and Physical Science, 9 hours
  • Language, Philosophy and Culture, 3 hours
  • Creative Arts, 3 hours
  • American History, 6 hours
  • Government/Political Science, 6 hours
  • Social and Behavioral Sciences, 3 hours

In order to show courses at Texas A&M University continually meet the requirements of the core curriculum, the Core Curriculum Council established a recertification process through which, on a four-year cycle*, departments offering core courses will explain and provide evidence of the inclusion of the core objectives (student learning outcomes). Departments with courses in the core curriculum will be notified when a particular course is up for recertification. The department will recertify courses every four years by submitting the forms below, along with student-produced work from a representative section selected by the department in which the courses are taught. The department will be notified of the courses' status once the Core Curriculum Council has reviewed the documentation provided.

The Core Curriculum Council is supported in this effort by the Office of Undergraduate Studies and the Office of Institutional Effectiveness & Evaluation.

* To provide for a more evenly balanced recertification process, courses in the first round of approval will be randomly assigned to a three-, four-, five- or six-year initial approval period and then move to a regular four-year cycle.

2017-2018 Recertification Schedule

Core Recertification Process Presentation

  1. Please use the following document as a template for your cover sheet. The second file listed provides instruction for filling out the cover sheet.
  2. Complete the template corresponding to the Foundational Component Area under which the course is listed in the core curriculum.
  3. The previous two files can be combined as one and submitted, along with the course syllabus, in electronic format to OR in paper format to Kristin Harper, TAMU 1125. It is not necessary to submit in both electronic and paper format.
  4. Student artifacts collected from one representative section must be submitted as part of the recertification packet. Rubrics for the learning objectives can be found here. More information about submission will be available soon. If you have any immediate questions or concerns, contact the Office of Institutional Effectiveness & Evaluation at